Unleash Your Potential as a Data Analyst

I have recently had the opportunity to work with Yoann Fol the founder of Dathappy on some of Woomentum’s data analytics and artificial intelligence projects. In that process, together with my team we were empowered to learn and understand our data, its use and ways to improve accuracies.

This made me realise that in today’s vibrant, knowledge-centric world, every decision we make is surrounded by an influx of information. We are all, in fact, data analysts, since we interpret this information to prioritise and make decisions in our personal and professional lives. If we are keen to sharpen our skills and dive into data analytics, we will find a whole world of tech tools and platforms to explore that can help us make better decisions in running our businesses.

We are very excited to announce that Dathappy and Woomentum are launching the Data Analyst’s Learn-on-the-job Programme for our members (the existing and the new!)

This programme offers our members a unique opportunity for continuous learning through real projects and access to curated content and a community of data analytics enthusiasts.

Who is this programme for?

1. Entrepreneurs:

You will become better-versed in data analytics, more able to extract insights from your business’s raw data and comprehend your industry. You will be able to keep pace with dynamic trends to readily identify opportunities, analyse your business value chain, and effectively model and visualise massive amounts of data to make better decisions for your operations and target audience.

2. Budding data analysts:

You will enhance your skills through hands-on learning and gain industry exposure. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Potential employment opportunities with companies needing data analysts
  • Potential opportunity to continue as a freelancer with Dathappy for future projects
  • Priority for Dathappy’s future technical trainings in AI and Data Science

3. Professional data analysts:

You will improve your understanding of applications and methods of data analytics. No matter what industry you are in, you will enhance performance by gaining the ability to extract qualitative insights from quantitative data to make better decisions.

Programme Details:

The programme participants will:

  • work on real projects for various customers of Dathappy such as NGOs and SMEs
  • be guided through these projects to learn continuously, and access curated content (provided by Dathappy)
  • access a community of data analytics enthusiasts and a secure virtual space for knowledge-sharing (provided by Woomentum)
The programme is free of charge. No prior experience is required.

Programme structure:

  1. There are 5 pillars to the programme. The last three pillars require knowledge in statistics and basic programming skills.
    1. Advanced spreadsheet techniques
    2. Data visualisation & Dash-boarding
    3. Descriptive statistics
    4. SQL
    5. Python

The programme will be delivered through online and regular offline mini-bootcamps.

Programme benefits:

  • Possibility to continue as freelancer with Dathappy for current and future projects
  • Priority for future technical trainings in AI and Data Science
  • Employment opportunities with companies in our network searching for Data analysts
  • Opportunity to move to the Data Scientist programme  with more employment opportunities

If you are keen to signup to the programme, please join our community of data enthusiasts to access learning resources, updates, share knowledge and get exclusive access to Data Analytics gigs. Click here to join us. 

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