3 Realistic Ways to Overcome Entrepreneur’s Block

On some days, life is great and on others, it’s like you’ve hit a wall of concrete. In the life of an entrepreneur, this fearsome wall appears all too often as we try to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. In the midst of all the worries, fears, deadlines, goals and targets, there comes a time when our minds completely freeze up. What was initially exciting is now dreary. What was achievable is now ebbing towards failure. The more you worry, the more the block remains firm in place. At times like these, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’re here to help!

If you’re suffering from entrepreneur’s block, here are some realistic tips we’d love to share:

1. Accept the Block and Create a Mitigation Plan

It is an unfortunate fact that entrepreneurs cannot afford to suffer from a block. The consequences could range from missing important deadlines to losing clients and investments. For an entrepreneur, suffering from a block is a stressful time. That being said, trying to force yourself to fight over the block may make you further depressed and anxious. So what’s the best way out?

The first step is acceptance of the block. The second is to acknowledge that this will be a temporary phase. The third step is to mitigate possible damages. Call up a client to let them know you’re not well and negotiate timelines. Delegate important tasks to the right people. Set yourself a timeline to recuperate and communicate that timeline to all involved parties. And the fourth step is to take your much deserved break. Although it may be tempting to take a few days off and leave matters as they are, it is not a smart move and may cause you multiple problems when you try getting back on your feet.

2. Reach Out for Help

It is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs working hard trying to manage their professional and personal lives. In the midst of trying to control everything, entrepreneurs usually fail to ask for help. When they suffer a mental block, that’s when everything comes crumbling down. Avoid making this classic mistake of trying to do everything yourself. You can significantly lower your stress when you plan for help (hired or through favors) to manage some parts of your life. For example, need someone to manage your page? Hire or train a social media-savvy friend to take this up professionally. Need someone to manage your schedule? Look for a virtual assistant. Need help in managing house chores? Ask family members or partners to chime in.

The point is, don’t wait for a block to happen to ask for help. Keep your focus on getting your core product/service running and for everything else, find a workable or automated solution. In the event that you do get a block, again, don’t shy away from asking for help.

3. Appreciate Your Struggles & Know That This Too Shall Pass 

When you’re suffering from a block, everything seems like a permanent failure. You begin to get negative thoughts. You start considering yourself a failure. In extreme cases, you might want to give up altogether. But before you quit, give yourself some time to go through your life and examine your accomplishments. You dared to live an extraordinary life. You believed in your strengths. You went out of your comfort zone. You faced troubles and challenges. Appreciate your struggles.

Understand that like every other trouble in life, the time where your mind is not as active as you want it to be, or your mood is not as positive as you wish it to be; this too shall pass. Never take a temporary block as a permanent setback. The mere acceptance of this simple truth will help you deal with your block as a temporary phase that you’ll soon get out.

Please understand that an entrepreneur’s block is not equated with depression or any other forms of mental exhaustion. If your block does not lift after two to three weeks despite trying every measure, you might need psychological consultancy. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you pay attention towards mental health and seek help whenever possible.

About the Author: A passionate storyteller, Farah Kim believes that words have the power to shape cultures and drive societies towards progressive change. Motivated by her curiosity, she discovers and shares stories that contributes to a better world.

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